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Стеариновая кислота

Стеариновая кислота

SYM-ST  product data

SYM-ST  4989



SYM-ST 4989 is a commercial grade, low Iodine Value stearic acid.  It is a solid at ambient temperatures and is supplied in flake or liquid form.  Limited powder quantity is also available.


SYM-ST 4989 finds application in:

Grease manufacture

Specialty lubricants



PVC Stabilisers

Pharmaceuticals manufacture



Acid Value (mgKOH/g)                        202-208

Saponification value (ml/KOH/g)        204-210

Titre oC                                              54-57.5

Iodine value (gl2/100g)                     1.0 max

Colour - Lovibond 5 ¼ " cell                            

Yellow                                    4.0 max

Red                                        0.5 max

Unsaponifiable matter %       0.5 max

FCC monograph                     Pass

Other Characteristics

Approximate composition %

C14      Fatty Acids                   4

C15      Group Fatty Acids         1

C16      Fatty Acids                   35

C17      Group Fatty Acids         3

C18      Fatty Acids                   55

C18.1    Fatty Acids                   1

C20      Fatty Acids                    1


SYM-ST 4989 can be supplied in 25 kg polyethylene film bags, bulk bags or as a liquid in road tankers.

Storage and Handling

For applications in which colour or colour stability are important stainless steel should be used.  In vessels fabricated from this material stearine can be stored at temperatures up to a maximum of 65oC without appreciable loss of quality.  However, the storage temperature should be held at a practical minimum and ideally an inert gas blanket should be maintained in the storage tank.  Hot water should be used in the heating coils but if this is not available low temperature saturated steam can be used.

Liquid stearine can be handled by conventional centrifugal pumps.

Further information on storage and handling can be obtained through the Symex Holdings Limited Sales Office or agent.

MAY 2003 

The information contained herein, as of the issue date, is believed to be true and correct.  However, the accuracy or completeness of this information is without warranty or guarantee.  Since the conditions of use are beyond the control of our company, it is the responsibility of the user to determine the conditions of safe use of these products.


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